What Is Scrap Worth of Junk Ford Escape?

What Is Scrap Worth of Junk Ford Escape?

Have you got a non-running Ford vehicle rotting at the back of your house or taking space in your garage?

The good news is that you can get rid of this junk and even snatch some value from it. I was in your boots this year when I finally decided to say goodbye to my old and severely damaged 2008 Ford Escape.

Key Takeaways:

1. You can turn your non-running Ford vehicle into value by selling it for scrap or as individual parts, with factors like part value and time investment influencing your choice.

2. Valuable components like the engine, transmission, and catalytic converter of a junk Ford Escape can fetch a good price when sold individually.

3. Scrapping your Ford Escape as a whole offers quick payment and removal, while parting it out demands time, tools, and expertise, and the choice should weigh the potential profit.

4. Possessing a clean title significantly boosts your earnings when scrapping a car, as junkyards pay more for cars with clean titles compared to those without.

It took me some time to investigate what I could do with my junk Ford Escape and how to get some cash.

Basically, you have two options - sell your non-running Ford Escape as a piece of scrap or part out your vehicle.

So what is a more profitable option? You have to consider such factors as the potential value of parts vs the value of scrap metal.

If you decide to sell your junk Ford Escape as a whole piece of scrap, the car may be removed from your yard for free quickly, and you will get paid almost instantly.

Parting out Ford Escape only is a feasible idea if the potential value of the items sold will significantly exceed the amount of cash you may charge for scrap metal.

So if you decide to sell the Ford Escape part by part, you need to estimate how much time and effort you are ready to invest. Selling parts individually will definitely require tons of your time, some space in your garage or yard, tools, and mechanical skills.

So is it worth the hassle? When I decided to free up some space in my garage by removing an old Ford Escape , I compiled a comparison table to assess the pros and cons of each method.

Is It Better To Part Out My Ford Escape Or Sell It Whole to JunkYard?

Ford Escape: Parting Out or Selling Scrap? (Comparison Table)

Parting Out Selling as Scrap
Value of Parts
Potentially higher if vehicle has valuable parts in good condition. Value is primarily determined by metal weight, not special features or parts.
Time & Effort
Time-consuming; requires dismantling, listing, and selling parts. Quick and straightforward; scrapyards handle dismantling and recycling.
Need storage space for vehicle and parts during the process. Once sold, the vehicle is removed, freeing up space immediately.
Tools & Skills
Requires tools, equipment, and expertise to dismantle the vehicle. No special skills or tools needed on the seller's part.
Market Demand
Profit depends on demand for parts of your specific vehicle model. Price is based on the current scrap metal market rate.
Legal Considerations
Possible legal requirements for selling used parts in some areas. Requires transferring title; may need to obtain a salvage or junk title.

Firstly, I would sell the most valuable parts of my Ford Escape and then offer it as scrap to the junkyard.

Which Ford Escape Used Parts Are In Highest Demand?

This was the logical question, and I started researching. As a rule of thumb, the most valuable components of a junk Ford Escape are the engine, transmission, and catalytic converter. 

After some research on eBay, I compiled a table of the most sought-after Ford Escape parts and their prices that I may sell:

  • Engine ($600 - $1500)
  • Transmission ($450 - $900)
  • Catalytic converter ($250-$800)

Before going to a junkyard, you may also consider removing such things as:

  • Jack
  • Battery
  • Radiator
  • Alternator
  • Spare tire
  • Wheels and tires
  • Audio and navigation systems (if you have)

What is the Price for Ford Escape Scrap Parts?

If you are also thinking about parting out your Ford Escape, note that the prices may significantly fluctuate depending on the mileage and condition of your vehicle. Though I found this handy chart that helps you quickly get the average estimate of a used car part or component regardless of the make, model, year or trim.

TIP: Sell car parts in a good condition on marketplaces like eBay, Craigslist, etc.

Certainly, not all components of my Ford Escape were in a good shape and some were totally irreparable. But who will buy such trash? It turns out there are plenty of companies that are ready to buy scrap parts as they contain precious metals. They can be a local scrapyard on an online junk buyer (will talk about them later in the article).

TIP: Sell damaged or non functional car parts to scrapyards.

By the way, in the process I noticed that lots of people are interested to know the scrap price for the Ford Escape’s catalytic converter as it contains precious metals like palladium, rhodium and platinum. This urged me into thinking of selling damaged parts for a scrap price.

However, at some point, I started evaluating if the potential revenue would be worth the time I need to invest into removing all the parts, putting them up on eBay or contacting scrap yards.

And you know what?

It looked like the game is not worth the candle. I did simple math by multiplying my hourly rate ($100) and time needed to complete the job by myself (at least, 50 hours). Of course, you would say these $5000 is something ephemeral because I could work in my free time. And the money I could get were real.

But you know what? I decided to spend this valuable time with my children. My junk Ford Escape was not worth to skip the football games of my son or refusing my daughter in cooking pizza together, for instance.

So what if I sell the whole junk Ford Escape for a scrap price? I started digging further down this rabbit hole.

Ford Escape Scrap Prices: What Is Your Junk Car Worth?

According to Junk Car Medics, the nationwide average scrap car price for Ford Escape in the USA is $646, though the scale ranges from as low as $200 to $950. The scrap value of a Ford Escape is influenced by the location, condition of the vehicle, current scrap metal indexes, title issues, and weight. But we may refer to the scrap car value per ton being around $300.

Considering the weight of your particular Ford Escape model year and make the calculations.

Things Influencing the Ford Escape Scrap Price:

  • Year of production
  • Vehicle’s condition
  • Value of the parts
  • Vehicle weight in scrap metal
  • Local scrap prices
  • Vehicle title

How Much Lower Are the Prices With No Title For The Junk Car?

Though it is possible to junk the car without a title, you will get significantly less money. Also, no title means you will be limited in choosing the junkyards, as some may refuse to accept your vehicle.

Luckily, I had a clean title for my Ford Escape. Otherwise, I would have been paid three times less!

Type of Title Average Price Percentage
Clean Title $614.11 77.73%
No Title $237.64 15.53%
Rebuilt Title $726.79 6.73%

Who Gives The Best Price for Scrap Cars?

This is the most intriguing part of the whole research. If you want to offload your non-functional Ford Escape and get some cash in return, you will evaluate the quotes from junk car buyers.

I would not unveil here the company I decided to sell my junk Ford Escape for a scrap price because it may sound like advertising. Instead, I will just leave the list of all the popular car junk services I have found and deemed legit options in the USA.

I advise contacting all of them for quotes and choosing a service that pays the most.

If you want to know more about each of the mentioned junk car buyers, you may read reviews about their strong and weak sides.

Popular Junk Car Buyers

Logo Company Website
Junk Cars US More Details
SellMax More Details
CarBrain More Details
Junk Car Medics More Details
Copart Direct More Details
Cash Auto Salvage More Details
DamagedCars More Details
Wheelzy More Details
Pick-n-Pull More Details
Peddle More Details

The process of scrapping my Ford Escape eventually looked pretty straight-forward and boiled down to the following steps:

  • Got quotes from different buyers
  • Compared pricing and chose the best company
  • Removed personal stuff from the cabin
  • Cleaned the car from dirt
  • Prepared documentation according to this guide
  • Scheduled pickup
  • Transferred the title to the junk car buyer.
  • Got the cash!
  • Canceled insurance. 
  • Called the Department of motor vehicles (DMV) to cancel the registration.

You may leverage a free pick up of the junk car off your place and help transfer the title. Almost every scrap car buyer offered these services as free bonuses.


Why did I end up writing this whole story? I loved my Ford Escape, which was why I started this website. I'm sharing my own experience and the steps I went through. This will save some time for people considering how to scrap their junk Ford Escape for cash. In my case, I decided to save time and sell the vehicle to a junkyard.

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